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James Walker

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Hello. I am James Walker, an entrepreneurial web developer and journalist known as "Ilmiont" across the internet. I'm passionate about code, technology, literature, photography and vehicles. I enjoy building and innovating, creating new things with code using frameworks I've built from scratch.

I primarily work in backend web development, for the most part in PHP. I am the author of Ilmiont NET, a versatile server-side MVC framework designed to host modern web apps, platforms and APIs. I have also created Ilmiont CMS, a content management system that runs atop Ilmiont NET and supports objects including static pages, dynamic news feeds, blogs and navigation menus. Perhaps inevitably, this site is powered by Ilmiont NET and Ilmiont CMS.

Aside from web development, I'm also an established technology journalist. I am currently Technology Editor-at-Large at Digital Journal. I contribute tech news, reviews, opinion and comment daily, reaching thousands of unique readers every month and directly influencing the public's perception of modern devices and services. I cover all areas of the technology field but tend to focus on mobile platforms, hardware launches and breaking security headlines.

Alongside my position at Digital Journal, I occasionally write for Blasting News, a global digital magazine that's now the largest social news publisher online. I cover breaking tech news, keeping readers informed on notable developments. I have previously written for Neowin, a major technology news publication originally focused on Microsoft stories. I contributed over a hundred articles and reached millions of readers during two separate periods in 2014.

When I'm not writing code or articles, I can often be found playing something from my Steam library. I'm a fan of vehicle simulation titles and tend to play either Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, Assetto Corsa or Spintires. My main computer is powered by an AMD A10-7850K processor on an ASRock FM2A88X Extreme 4+ motherboard. I currently have an Asus Radeon R9 270X DirectCU II 4GB GPU, pushing three 1080p monitors in AMD Eyefinity mode at reasonable settings in most titles. Other hardware includes 16GB of DDR3 RAM, a pair of Samsung 850 EVO SSDs and a Logitech G27 racing wheel.

At present, my primary mobile device is a Nokia Lumia 1520. I also use a Lumia 930 on a daily basis and keep a 530 in my desk. I intend to support Windows 10 Mobile until the platform finally hits the ground, its demise possibly not too far away. Despite never proving popular with the vast majority of consumers, for me Windows still represents the best all-round smartphone experience available. I consider an all-day battery life and DSLR-quality camera to be far more important than access to scores of third-party apps. My other devices also run Windows 10, although all servers and development machines boot Ubuntu.

This website is intended to be a personal portfolio site, highlighting my achievements across my careers. It is also used to share my knowledge and opinions with the wider world through frequent blog posts covering all my interests. The site enables me to introduce and explain much of my work, detailing its intricacies to help others get started in web development, server configuration, PC hardware and much more. I don't expect anyone to find it all interesting but I hope that someday it will be useful to somebody. I've learnt a lot from other peoples' articles and I pass on useful things I've come across in posts on this site.

I'm James Walker. I'm an entrepreneur, web developer and journalist. This is my website and blog.

James Walker