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ipm dev blog, Part 1 – Documenting a side project

Published on Thursday October 12 2017 at 19:05 in ipm dev blog

This week I started a new side project to streamline my daily development workflow. Provisionally known as ipm, this Python-based utility is designed to offer centralised project generation, build, distribution and deployment capabilities for web and desktop-based software projects. I intend to document my progress and design decisions on the project on a weekly basis, in part for public use but also to force me to reflect on what I'm doing and why. Progress each week is likely to be relatively slow, since I don't have much time to work on the project, and the scope is still somewhat fluid, but I intend to continue this series up until I build the v0.1.0 ipm distribution package. The entire project is open-source under the MIT License and will be published on GitHub once v0.1.0 is reached. Read >

First "thoughts" on the Canon PIXMA TS6050

Published on Thursday October 5 2017 at 18:24 in General posts

This is not a review of the Canon PIXMA TS6050. This is a list of mostly unrelated thoughts and observations of the Canon PIXMA TS6050 after owning it for a day. Read >

Ilmiont NET v1.1.0 – available now!

Published on Saturday September 30 2017 at 09:54 in Ilmiont NET

Ilmiont NET v1.1.0 is available now! This release is the culmination of over a year's work to create a multi-tenant PHP web application framework platform, enabling the agile creation and deployment of data-oriented backend cloud services. Read >

Ilmiont NET v1.x – building tomorrow!

Published on Thursday September 28 2017 at 19:24 in Ilmiont NET

Ilmiont NET v1.x is being built tomorrow! After over one year of active development, this release is a major milestone in the development of my tech stack, business and future intended projects. Read >

I might close my blog

Published on Thursday September 21 2017 at 19:25 in General posts

I'm thinking of closing my blog, because I don't have anything to write about. Read >

GE's digital rethink illustrates demand for specialised IoT

Published on Thursday September 14 2017 at 19:09 in News Editorials

GE faced troubles last week as its stock slipped amid concerns its digital transformation isn't paying off. GE is finding it can't scale industrial IoT, its most important emerging service. I think this demonstrates the trend towards specialised platforms. Read >

My new dev server

Published on Sunday September 10 2017 at 11:43 in General posts

Last week, I completed my new workspace, encompassing a reworked physical environment, new PC and my first dedicated dev server. In this post, I detail the latter and what it's being used for. Read >

My new PC

Published on Sunday September 3 2017 at 17:00 in General posts

This week, I rebuilt my workspace, encompassing a new desk environment, PC and gaming peripherals. This post details my 2018 build list. Read >

Being More Agile

Published on Friday August 25 2017 at 19:15 in General posts

This week I've been trying to be more agile in my software development planning. By focusing on the problem, rather than the features, I've so far succeeded in getting more meaningful work done. Read >

Shipping industry at risk of cyberattacks by hackers and pirates

Published on Sunday August 20 2017 at 17:16 in News Editorials

Hackers are increasingly targeting shipping firms to extract business information, attempt audacious frauds and steal goods from vessels. Members of the security industry warned shipping firms are often unaware of the dangers. Read >

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