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Crowdfunding the future – why peer-to-peer finance is no longer just about tech

Published on Sunday July 2 2017 at 10:38 in News Editorials

Crowdfunding sites are all the rage right now. Kickstarter and Indiegogo have given start-ups a new way to gain exposure and lift their brand off the ground. The approach is also revolutionising established industries though, from real estate to banking. In this article, I look at how crowdfunding is having a transformative effect on investment and how it will continue into the near-term. Read >

Labov's narrative theory

Published on Sunday June 25 2017 at 09:59 in A-Level English

Labov's narrative theory considers how the structure of most narratives follows a defined grammar. It's based on the study of real-world narratives after Labov noticed most discussions follow a set syntax. In this introductory article, I recount the major components of the theory and how it's applied to discourse. Read >

How fake news is changing social media and search online

Published on Sunday June 18 2017 at 09:38 in News Editorials

Fake news has been a stumbling point for internet companies since it came to the attention of the world last year. As the problem continues to spread, social networks and search providers are still devising ways of holding back and reversing the tide. In this report, I look at how fake news has proliferated and the methods social networks and search engines are using to combat the threat. Read >

Docs.com is shutting down

Published on Sunday June 11 2017 at 10:06 in General posts

Microsoft announced this week that its online document sharing service, Docs.com, is being closed down by the end of the year. All existing user files will be deleted. Microsoft is advising users to move to its LinkedIn SlideShare service instead. Read >

Qualcomm makes charging even faster with Quick Charge 4+

Published on Sunday June 4 2017 at 10:24 in News Editorials

Qualcomm has announced Quick Charge 4+, the latest evolution of its widely used smartphone fast charging technology. The new version promises to be safer and slightly higher performing than its predecessor. It launched on its first device this week. Read >

The 2017 Surface Pro is here!

Published on Tuesday May 23 2017 at 19:39 in News Editorials

The 2017 Surface Pro has arrived... and it's just the Surface Pro! Microsoft has followed Apple in dropping numerals altogether, claiming the new convertible doesn't need them because it's the culmination of everything learnt from the past four generations. Read >

Who wants a squeezable phone? The HTC U11 is here

Published on Wednesday May 17 2017 at 09:42 in General posts

HTC has debuted the world's first "squeezable" smartphone. The U11, the company's flagship handset for 2017, arrived this week, bringing with it frame-mounted pressure sensors for claimed easier one-handed use. Read >

Right to repair: Why tech giants want to stop you fixing devices

Published on Wednesday May 10 2017 at 08:27 in News Editorials

The right to repair movement focuses on reversing the trend of embedding proprietary software into everyday equipment. Proponents of the idea have called attention to the increasing inability to repair devices ranging from smartphones to farm vehicles. In this post, I explore the increasing visibility of the concept and the opposition pitched by tech companies. Read >

Thoughts on #MicrosoftEDU

Published on Thursday May 4 2017 at 18:03 in General posts

Microsoft held a three-hour event in New York City this week in which it talked about education, a new version of Windows and the latest member of the Surface family. In this article, I look at the announcements as a Microsoft fan and customer, assessing the impact of the event. Read >

Wikipedia creator to fight fake news with volunteer-led journalism

Published on Wednesday April 26 2017 at 09:31 in News Editorials

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is launching a news site to oppose the spread of fake news by putting fact-checking and neutrality at the heart of each article. The site will use volunteers to check and edit articles written by professional journalists. Read >

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