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Docs.com is shutting down

Published on Sunday June 11 2017 at 10:06 in General posts

Microsoft announced this week that its online document sharing service, Docs.com, is being closed down by the end of the year. All existing user files will be deleted. Microsoft is advising users to move to its LinkedIn SlideShare service instead.

I've been using Docs.com occasionally for a few months, uploading presentations that could be of public interest so they're accessible on the web. I've then tended to share the Docs.com posts on this blog, embedding the content into posts.

Going forward, this approach is going to have to change. When I share Office documents, I'll be forced to directly embed them into the blog from OneDrive. While this is no less functional for the viewer, it does stop me gauging reach through the analytics tools that Docs.com offered.

Docs.com was always a quietly interesting service that Microsoft itself seemed unsure how to best use. Despite pitching itself as the definitive way to share Office documents, it was only directly integrated into Sway and most users weren't even aware of its existence. For all its oddities, I liked Docs.com though, even finding its Sway-powered "blogging" features an intriguing concept. Like most others, I never actively used them though.

Docs.com's closure will affect me but it won't prevent me sharing any of my documents with the world. I've already migrated all my links to OneDrive, so existing content embeds should still be working. You can get more details on the shut down – including how to migrate your data back to OneDrive – in Microsoft's support post.