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James Walker

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First "thoughts" on the Canon PIXMA TS6050

Published on Thursday October 5 2017 at 18:24 in General posts

This is not a review of the Canon PIXMA TS6050. This is a list of mostly unrelated thoughts and observations of the Canon PIXMA TS6050 after owning it for a day.

My final impression: It doesn't feel like it deserves its Canon price tag. I'm not sure it warrants the £80 I paid for it. It feels like a £60 printer. Being the first printer I've owned, I can't judge it on performance, but build quality and impression of its headline Wi-Fi/cloud/unnecessary bits aren't great. (Really... who ever needed to print directly from Facebook on their printer!?)

Maybe this not-at-all detailed post may be of use to someone one day. My verdict on the Canon PIXMA TS6050: If you need a printer for infrequent home office use, like me, it seems like it will be fine for documents and a bit of duplexing, with good occasional photos. Anything more and I think you'd better look elsewhere. If you want to print Facebook photos directly on your printer, this may suit you. The one person that applies to.