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Ilmiont NET v1.1.0 – available now!

Published on Saturday September 30 2017 at 09:54 in Ilmiont NET

Ilmiont NET v1.1.0 is available now! This release is the culmination of over a year's work to create a multi-tenant PHP web application framework platform, enabling the agile creation and deployment of data-oriented backend cloud services.

Ilmiont NET is a multi-tenant PHP web platform designed to facilitate the agile creation and deployment of modern backend services. It's aimed at digital studios and web developers building scalable software solutions for multiple clients, offering unified manageability, deployment and monitoring functionalities. The platform offers a full external API and will be soon be accompanied by robust management apps to allow monitoring of tenants, applications and system usage.

As I wrote earlier this week, I'll be posting a lot more about Ilmiont NET v1.x and its changes, architecture and aims in the coming days. The platform is now available and open-sourced on GitHub. Check it out now!

Please note Ilmiont NET is published under an open-source license but contributions to the project are not currently accepted. The GitHub repo is created by simply pushing from my private GitLab instance and will not be actively monitored; it's used only to make the code accessible so others can use and fork it, and so you can download Ilmiont NET releases (found as compressed archives in the dist directory). The project is accompanied by a comprehensive wiki explaining how to install, use and develop for Ilmiont NET.

Download or view Ilmiont NET on GitHub.