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Ilmiont NET v1.x – building tomorrow!

Published on Thursday September 28 2017 at 19:24 in Ilmiont NET

Ilmiont NET v1.x is being built tomorrow! After over one year of active development, this release is a major milestone in the development of my tech stack, business and future intended projects.

The last Ilmiont NET v0.x build, v0.1.8, is now over a year old. Development of v1.x began from scratch last September, introducing a whole new architecture, framework, API and vision. After a year of work, involving missteps, struggles and time-constrained feature implementation, tomorrow I intend to create the first distributable build based on v1.x.

I'll be writing a lot more about Ilmiont NET v1.x, what's changed and what it's for once the first build has been "released" and is in internal use. The legacy v0.x stack is now deprecated and will no longer be supported – the changes in vision, architecture and aims are so massive that v0.x and v1.x may as well be separate projects.

Although the first v1.x build still doesn't implement everything I've got planned for the framework, it extends a long way towards realising my new vision of a multi-tenant, service-centric web framework for the rapid and agile deployment of backend data-first cloud services in PHP. It supports built-in routing, multi-tenant behaviour, application segmentation and database abstraction logic, while providing external API capabilities, unified management options and server-side rendering support for PHP web apps and services. I'll post a lot more about the framework and its features in future posts.

How to get Ilmiont NET? Well, right now, I'm not sure exactly how. Currently the project resides on my private GitLab instance. I might also post it publicly on GitHub, so others can check it out, download it and use it, all under a MIT License. The trouble is, I don't want to accept contributions to the project (even though it can be fully open-source) and I'm also aware I can't easily sync all my data from my GitLab project onto GitHub, so the repo would just be a file storage space if I make it.

The project is fully documented with a comprehensive wiki though and I would like others to see my work, even if people don't necessarily have the same needs for a multi-tenant PHP web framework as myself. Eventually this will definitely be publicly released and hosted somewhere, I just don't know where right now.

Stay tuned for much more on Ilmiont NET, its vision, and its features!