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ipm dev blog, Part 3 – A few changes

Published on Thursday November 2 2017 at 18:24 in ipm dev blog

I haven't managed to work on ipm this week as much as I planned, mainly due to illness, so this post is just going to be a short overview of the things I've managed to do. I'm still developing this project but it's going a bit slower than I'd intended.

Things I've changed this week, so far:

The final, and perhaps most significant, change made this month is I've finally added the entire project to GitHub. In fact, I added several projects to GitHub this month, as part of an effort to actually release some of my supposedly open-source code. You can now peruse the entire source and understand what I'm writing about, rather than trying to piece together code segments from my slightly-broken code formatting on my CMS/site. Hopefully I'll get some more work done in the next week.

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