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ipm dev blog, Part 6 – Release!

Published on Thursday December 7 2017 at 18:27 in ipm dev blog

I've now concluded my initial work on my ipm side project by releasing the v0.1.x branch. In this post I summarise the project.

I've been posting about my little Python project manager ipm for a few weeks, and it's been in development off-and-on for a couple of months. It's now publicly released on GitHub with binaries for Windows and Linux, as of two weeks ago (but I'm only just writing about it).

The program allows you to manage projects and your development environment when working on software applications. Currently the program is used to generate source code files from templates, using variables you can specify in templates to rapidly generate new files from the command line.

Template definitions can be stored either globally (made available to all projects) or per-project. Additionally some properties are populated dynamically at runtime. This allows you to write common templates and scripts once and then use them in all your projects, for example a build script for a certain kind of project that you regularly use.

ipm will expand over time as more capabilities are added and its scope expands. You can get the initial release right now from GitHub, v0.1.2.