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jamesofilmiont.com is being discontinued.

Published on Thursday December 21 2017 at 18:39 in General posts

After a little over a year, I've decided that this blog at jamesofilmiont.com is going to be discontinued in 2018. This is likely my "goodbye world" post and no new content is planned to be published going forward. The site will remain accessible for the foreseeable future but I will not be renewing the domain lease next year.

2018's going to be a big year for me with lots of exciting developments upcoming. In the time since I've started this website, powered by Ilmiont CMS v0.x, I've come to realise I don't actually need or particularly want a blog, so I'll be starting a new website that's more business and project-oriented. I'll drop "jamesofilmiont" branding (in fact, "ilmiont" as a whole will be faded out in 2018) and start publishing on a new domain.

Another reason for the change is in the tech stack itself. There is no upgrade path from this website's current tech stack to my new Ilmiont NET / Ilmiont CMS v1.x stack, nor will there be one anytime soon (think, ever). The backends are fundamentally different between Ilmiont NET v0.x and v1.x with completely rebuilt data access layers. So at some point I would have wanted to migrate jamesofilmiont.com to my newer tech stack anyway, and that would have necessitated the loss of my current content anyway.

I haven't achieved much with this blog, nor have I tried to. I'm not particularly proud of any of the content, although there are a few posts that have proved relatively popular, particularly my GitLab/Raspberry Pi tips articles. I'll repost the more successful content on the new site once it gets established.

That's all. Thanks for reading, and see you soon somewhere else online. jamesofilmiont is going away, but James (and Ilmiont) is very much still around.

Goodbye World.