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One year on – Why I'm still using Windows 10 Mobile

Published on Friday April 14 2017 at 11:26 in General posts

It's been one year since Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 Mobile to older phones. The platform has fallen below 1% market share and is nearing abandonware status. 12 months on, it still holds promise though – if Microsoft gives it more attention.

Beyond being a long-time Windows Phone fan, I still rely on 10 Mobile each day because I believe it is the most refined implementation of the "smartphone" concept. When everything is working, Windows 10 Mobile offers a smartphone experience like no other.

Perhaps more than anything else, I've remained with Windows Mobile because it's still the best platform for people looking to use their phone for work rather than play. For the people who don't need the latest versions of social networks, don't want overly bloated feature lists and wouldn't use emerging sub-ecosystems, Windows 10 Mobile offers a platform that's unassuming and built for productivity.

From the Start screen's at-a-glance window into your entire digital life to the Edge browser's functional simplicity, Windows 10 Mobile's platform focus on getting things done permeates apps, the interface and its wider ambitions.

To me, Windows 10 Mobile represents a smartphone platform that's stripped of the bloat to leave only the essential tools you'll actually use. What's lacking in third-party app support and cutting-edge technology is made up for by the functionality of the features that are present. Despite often considering a switch, I haven't moved away to Android because for my usage Windows 10 Mobile still offers unique value.

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