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James Walker

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Shipping industry at risk of cyberattacks by hackers and pirates

Published on Sunday August 20 2017 at 17:16 in News Editorials

Hackers are increasingly targeting shipping firms to extract business information, attempt audacious frauds and steal goods from vessels. Members of the security industry warned shipping firms are often unaware of the dangers.

The shipping industry is facing a wide range of attacks from actors with a variety of motives. The activity is steadily increasing but many shipping companies are still oblivious to its presence. As explained in a BBC report this week, shipping firms believe both their logistics systems and their ships are "pretty safe."

The rise in cyberattacks against shipping firms is an important reminder that no industry is immune from cyberthreats. Only recently have vessel operators come to realise the glaring holes in their approaches to cybersecurity.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has published a set of guidelines to help ship owners secure their software, signalling a shift in attitude inside the industry. Mending the problem is likely to take a long time though, even as awareness grows.

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