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James Walker

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The 2017 Surface Pro is here!

Published on Tuesday May 23 2017 at 19:39 in News Editorials

The 2017 Surface Pro has arrived... and it's just the Surface Pro! Microsoft has followed Apple in dropping numerals altogether, claiming the new convertible doesn't need them because it's the culmination of everything learnt from the past four generations.

The Surface Pro was unveiled by Microsoft during its event in Shanghai earlier today. The launch comes just a few weeks after Microsoft launched Surface Laptop, the newest addition to the family.

From first impressions... this looks like the Surface to have. My early liking of Laptop has already subsided and now I'm back looking for a Pro. With Kaby Lake underneath, a 50% longer battery life, four-times-more-sensitive Surface Pen and an improved kickstand, Microsoft has extensively updated and refined Surface's headline offering for the next twelve months. It's still obviously a Surface, just tuned for even more productivity. I want one.

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