James Walker

James Walker

Web Developer


I am an established technology news reporter, accustomed to covering the latest developments in the fast-paced consumer software and devices space.

I cover stories ranging from new smartphone launches, app updates and operating system releases to critical zero-day vulnerability disclosures, malware campaigns and data breaches. Since 2014, I have written over 2,000 articles, informing and influencing millions of readers.

I am currently Technology Editor-at-Large at Digital Journal. I write technology news, reviews, opinion and comment daily, covering breaking, major and emerging stories from every area of the consumer technology space. Alongside my work for Digital Journal, I occasionally contribute to Blasting News where I also keep readers informed on the latest technology stories. I have previously written for Neowin, again covering major releases in the technology field.

Digital Journal

I have been covering technology news for Digital Journal since April 2014. My contributions to the site earned me my current position of Technology Editor-at-Large a year later. As of April 2017, I've now written over 2,000 articles for Digital Journal, including product reviews, in-depth opinion and comment and detailed feature pieces. My work reaches hundreds of thousands of readers every year, helping people to stay informed on the latest developments in consumer technology, online security and next-generation hardware.

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Blasting News

I occasionally contribute to Blasting News, a crowd journalism site that is now the largest social news publisher online. The Blasting News network is visited by over 50 million unique readers every month, making the platform one of the top 250 biggest websites in the world. I cover breaking news in the technology space, keeping the expansive Blasting News audience updated on the most notable developments in consumer devices and services.

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I have previously written for Neowin, a major technology news site originally focused predominantly on Microsoft news but now covering all areas of technology. I wrote for Neowin during two periods in 2014, publishing over a hundred articles and reaching hundreds of thousands of unique readers. The experience inspired much of my writing activity since, giving me an entrypoint into media that I've successfully grown my later career from.

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I am open to receiving press releases, media briefings and review requests for products directly relevant to the technology space. However, please bear in mind it is impossible to cover every request and I cannot guarantee a reply to all communications. If I don't respond to a particular contact within a few days, please assume I'm not interested at the present time.

To contact me about journalism, please reach out directly on Facebook or Twitter.